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“Sensual erotic hypnosis sessions by Isabella Valentine”

Take off your shoes, get nice and comfortable, and browse my site with your headphones snug against your ears. If you think regular masturbation is already fun, wait till you include erotic hypnosis in your palette of options to explore when self-pleasuring and releasing. How would you like to orgasm with no hands? Look over my hands free orgasms section. Have fun and enjoy!

Get to know Isabella Valentine
If you’d like me to guide you on a beautiful hypnotic journey, the only requirement is that you’re willing to follow instructions. Sometimes that’s easier said than done, which is why I strive to connect with you on a personal level. Click here to find out more about me and my motivations.

My Recordings
Tantra, meditation, feminization, cock worship, sisification, hands free orgasms, and so much more. The more you look around at what I have to offer, the more you will see I have sessions for many different tastes. It may be easier than you think to find a session you will enjoy!

The official website is my official site. If you want to keep up with what is going on in my life you are more than welcome to come to my official home and see what I am up to. Here you will find links to my various sites on the web including aerotic trance, guides to erotic hypnosis, slave assignments, my musings and much more.

Newest Releases

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    Princess, Pearls, and Pantyhose

    Hey Princess, I heard you like to wear pantyhose! Go put on your smooth, tight pantyhose a…

  • faggotsalon

    Flaming Faggot Salon

    It’s your turn to be in the princess chair, faggot. Come have a seat. Goddess Isabella is …

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    Isabella’s 8 Voices

    Audio porn star Isabella Valentine has been a professional phone sex operator since 2003. …

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    Quickie Cum 2

    This is the sequel to the super sexy audio porn release of Quickie Cum. Lube it up with yo…

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    Curvy Isabella

    40 sexy photos of me taken (taken March 2015) for you to orgasm to again and again. Also i…

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    Diamond Girls Bachelor Party

    Audio porn star Isabella Valentine co-stars with brand new performer Layla Dali [her debut…

  • eatsprnfcover

    Eat. Sleep. Pay. Repeat.

    16 minutes of intense brainwashing. ISABELLA VALENTINE brainwashes your mind to PAY using …

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    Valentine Addiction

    Become even more addicted to your Goddess Isabella! I have created a series of addictive h…

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    Isabella’s Holy Queendom

    In the beginning, Goddess Isabella created the heavens and the earth. My Holy Perfect Ass …

  • bleedingyoudry

    Bleeding You Dry, Pignut

    In this EXTREMELY hardcore financial domination brainwashing session, you will discover yo…

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    Above Your Paygrade for Women

    It’s like being in an audio strip club. A pretty girl tells you she’s taking it off, and y…

  • aboveyourplaygrade

    Above Your Pay Grade For Men

    Mmmmmmm you are so fucked now. Look at you, trying to reach for what you cannot touch. You…

  • quickieoraltease_nf

    Quickie Oral Tease

    All you need is about 6 minutes of alone time, a love of trance, and a desire to have your…

  • quickiecum_nf

    Quickie Cum

    In three minutes, you’ll be hard as rock and on your way to cumming! This phone-sex-style …

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    Stockings and Shareholders

    As soon as I walk into your office, you are mine. To make it official, I’m going to need y…

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