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Brain Conditioning
Wrath of the Queen
Queen of Persia Brain Conditioning Trilogy:
MP3 #1: Queen of Persia (Seduction)
MP3 #2: Obey and Serve (Obedience Training)
MP3 #3: Wrath of the Queen (Punishment)

This is not an erotic hypnosis recording, this is a BRAIN CONDITIONING recording. You must listen to these in the correct order to avoid massive confusion. These are done in sequence for a reason.

In this final mp3 in the trilogy, you receive punishment for your disobedience to the Queen (assuming you had an orgasm without following the obedient command in MP3 #2). The discipline you receive is not just to punish you, but is to remind you that you are a slave and that you DO indeed love and worship Me. And throughout your punishment, you are forced to say that you love Me and thank Me for making you endure such things.

Your Queen of Persia has seduced you into a lifestyle of obedience with Her perfect voice and you only thought She was sweet and innocent. Little did you know, She has a horrible wrath that will force you to be a slave for the rest of your life. How far will you go to endure your punishment for the sake of your love and obedience?

Punishments include: Total isolation (what could be worse than not being allowed to serve the Queen or any women at all?), Vertigo / dizziness / spinning, Mental and physical body earthquake - uncontrollable body shaking (shaking the disobedience out of you), forcing you to stay awake all night until you go delirious, great balls of fire, breath play / lack of oxygen -- all to keep you obedient and submissive forever!

However, throughout all the meanness of this recording, the overall tone of this is to remind you that you LOVE Me and you are doing this because you want to, not because you have to.

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Format: MP3 Download
Sound Quality: Professional First-Rate [Details]
Vocal Sound Effects: Many [Details]
Prop Sound Effects: Yes
Soft Background Music: Yes
Overdubbing Vocals: Yes
Length: 37 minutes 08 seconds
Zip File Size: Approx. 70 MB
Price: $35.00

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