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Wallet Disfigurement

In order for this extreme financial domination brainwashing mp3 to achieve the maximum mind-fuck effect, you must read the description carefully and follow the instructions exactly.

This mp3 has extreme invasive techniques that must be listened to with headphones on higher-than-normal volume level to achieve the desired effect. If you turn the volume down (assuming it will be annoying otherwise), then you are defeating the purpose of this recording and shouldn't even bother buying this mp3 at all. If you are going to wimp out, buy something else.

It is extremely vital that you use stereo headphones and that you have the volume at a level that is both tolerable enough so that you hear my voice and also enough so that the brainwashing effects are actually louder than my voice. Doing so will give you a "Clockwork Orange" type of brainwashing effect and will feel as though you hear several things: static, white noise, washes, beeps, brain erasers, lasers, and many other things at random or repetitive times to assure that your mind is under MY control.

The entire topic of this mp3 is extreme financial domination. I give the impression that I have no heart, no soul, and if you liked "Crooked Hypnotist" and "Financial Ruin" then you will certainly like this. I say many unethical things such as, "Sell your house" or "Sell your car for Me," and things like that and convince you to go into bankruptcy. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Also it would be in your best interest to be on or near your computer while listening to this mp3 and ready to spend! *evil grin*

Wear headphones or else you won't get the full effect!

Disclaimer: If you suffer from epileptic seizures or from a heart condition, please consult your doctor before listening to this recording.

Fetishes include:
Brainwashing techniques, invasive techniques, extreme financial domination, bankruptcy, human atm machine, post-hypnotic suggestions, arousal suggestions, orgasm trigger, evil laugh, Goddess worship, total addiction, unethical suggestions, and more.

Play free sample (Use stereo headphones!)

Format: MP3 Download
Sound Quality: Professional First-Rate [Details]
Vocal Sound Effects: Many [Details]
Prop Sound Effects: No
Soft Background Music: Loud Yes
Overdubbing Vocals: Yes
Length: 30 minutes, 07 seconds
Zip File Size: Approx. 57 MB
Price: $35.00

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