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A Beautiful Mind


This full-length free erotic hypnosis recording has been a work-in progress for several years. It is My pleasure to give it away for free for those who have a special appreciation for the art of language. Filled with hypnotic poetry, this creative mp3 includes hundreds of fantasy-filled inspirations to arouse sexuality and the imagination's inspiration. Whether you're a guy or girl, tired or en...

Wet Dreams


This is a full-length free erotic hypnosis mp3 session for men, women, and transgenders! Regardless of your sex, you can enjoy this hypnotic session. This erotic hypnosis mp3 has been designed to be played on repeat while you are sleeping to enhance your abilities to have wet dreams. Let your imagination go wild and dream away! Whether or not you have an orgasm is completely up to you - simply ...

Hypnosis Mix


Listen to this free erotic hypnosis sample that has several segments from different erotic hypnosis sessions all mixed together. The best of all worlds put together! Now you can try out several erotic hypnosis sessions with the touch of just one button! Play erotic hypnosis mp3 - FREE Format: MP3 Sound Quality: Professional First-Rate Length: 2 minutes, 44 seconds Price: FREE

Audio Blog


Isabella Valentine starts an audio blog and talks candidly about... everything. Check often for future updates and behind-the-scenes stuff. Hear the latest: Play 03-05-07 Audio Blog: 16 minutes, 51 seconds Topics: Clean and sober, life update, my opinion on Swallow, perverts, honesty. 6 month update. Play 10-09-06 Audio Blog: 10 minutes, 51 seconds Topics: Moved in to new house, new rec...

Hypnotic Surrender


Finally Goddess Isabella offers a free erotic hypnosis mp3 session that you can listen to whenever you want without even paying for it! You may notice "Addictive Induction" playing quietly in the background to help bring you down even more. Free mp3 hypnosis recording involving addiction, weakness, loss of power, relaxation, hypnotic surrender, obedience, addiction, and seductive brainwashing. ...