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Erotic Hypnosis
Ass Worship

* This idea taken straight out of the Brainstorm Vault*

Have you ever stared at a girl's ass and you swore you were in heaven? I gotta tell you, it happens to Me all the time. The way their asses sway back and forth can be sooo hypnotic! For those who really appreciate the beauty of the perfect, hypnotic ass, then this recording is perfect for you. This was designed so you can sit at the computer screen with your eyes open watching a video, graphic animation, or your favorite photos of models' asses. Most of My mp3s involve "closing your eyes and lying back in bed" but this particular mp3 was designed for staying alert and fixated on the computer screen staring at your favorite hypnotic ass.

I have provided a free hypnotic animation graphic in the zip file, which you can also view here in case you don't have any available. The animation I have provided goes PERFECTLY with the ass worship recording which sways with the way I speak left-to-right and I think you may enjoy it, so try it out (however, you can look at anything you want, and it's ok too)! You are welcome to stare at your own slideshow of photos if you wish of your favorite celebrities, models, and other favorite girls' asses as well. It'll only increase your obsession to Me. *evil grin*

You will need to use stereo headphones for the most effective session since I used dual hypnosis binaural sounds. In one ear, I am hypnotizing you. In the other ear, I am deepening your focus to stare deeper at My ass. And many times I am switching from one ear to the other and it can become very intense!

Fetishes include:
Erotic hypnosis, ass worship, being forced to drool as you stare at My ass, deep stare awareness, feeling somewhat ridiculous in the state you are in for masturbating, My ass swaying back and forth like a pendulum, submission recognition as you realize the power of the Almighty Ass, response triggers, arousal triggers, orgasm command, and teasing you with My ass relentlessly while you are orgasming.

Play free sample (Use stereo headphones!)

Format: MP3 Download
Sound Quality: Professional First-Rate [Details]
Vocal Sound Effects: Echo [Details]
Prop Sound Effects: No
Soft Background Music: No, but pendulum effect Yes
Overdubbing Vocals: Yes - dual ear binaural audio with delayed echo so stereoheadphones a must!
Length: 32 minutes, 04 seconds
Zip File Size: Approx. 61 MB
Price: $35.00

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