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Erotic Hypnosis
Sissy Secretary
The roleplay begins in a private business meeting in which you are the project manager. I coerce/blackmail you into signing a contract in which I become your advisor - basically scribbling away your dignity. If you fail to obey Me, you become My secretary. So of course, you agree to everything I command. My tone, which initially starts respectfully, gradually turns condescending and eventually insulting. My purpose is to humiliate you and make you My bitch..

I hypnotize you with My voluptuous breasts, then inject you with fast-acting hormones which speed the process of breast development as well as cute little clitty. The injection also fries your brain, which leaves you airheaded, clueless, and completely gullible to everything I say. You get dumber while your breasts get bigger. Ultimately, you become a dumb blonde moronic bimbo.

And after you transform into womanhood, I invite the male coworkers to fuck you in any hole that they want. You become the office orifice and are forced into slutty slavery, sucking coworkers, even your boss! The last man you blow is the black janitor who has a special chocolate pudding pop surprise.

Fetishes include:
Erotic hypnosis, breast and cleavage fetish, dumb blonde, blonde wig, breast and vagina transformation, high heels, forced feminization, forced homosexuality, breakdown of masculinity, verbal humiliation, bukkake, double penetration (oral and anal), IQ reduction, male gangbang, office roleplay, blackmail, and total sissification

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Sound Quality: Professional First-Rate [Details]
Vocal Sound Effects: Only background [Details]
Prop Sound Effects: Little if any
Soft Background Music: No
Overdubbing Vocals: No
Length: 37 minutes, 14 seconds
Zip File Size: Approx. 70 MB
Price: $35.00

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