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Prison Probed

Isabella Valentine plays the role of a naive (but eager) medical student and Mistress Alexandra plays the role of a registered nurse at a Prison Infirmary.

You are a prison patient who keeps returning to the hospital and it's our job to figure out what your ailment is. After much deliberation and body testing, we figure out that you are actually scared of dropping your soap and being anally taken by your prison mates. Alexandra discovers that your anus is abnormally tight and constricted, so she trains student Isabella to commence in anal stretching and probing of your asshole with sizable dongs.

We restrain you as well as sit on your chest and put a dildo in your mouth to gag you to keep you from making noise. We don't want you screaming while we're stretching your tight ass. Alexandra uses medical jargon and shows her professionalism to show how important medical stretching can be. Isabella, on the other hand, sees it simply as fucking a guy's ass and tries on her best behavior to be professional, although she comes across otherwise.

Fetishes include:
Small penis humiliation, anal stretching, dildo fucking in the ass, prostate milking, dildo sucking, chest straddling, double (anal/mouth) penetration, humiliating ejaculation consequence, male inadequacy, ankle and wrist restraints, medical fetish, naughty nurses, and more.

Note: This mp3 is over 30 minutes long (twice as long as the usual 12-15 minute non-hypnosis recordings on here). We spent the first half of the recording setting the scene so you could visualize the experience more effectively. Please be aware that we don't just start fucking your ass right away (after all, we do have to figure out what's wrong with you first).

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Format: MP3 Download
Sound Quality: Professional-First Rate [Details]
Vocal Sound Effects: Little to none
Prop Sound Effects: Yes
Background Music: No
Overdubbing Vocals: Yes
Length: 32 minutes, 08 seconds
People Involved: Isabella and Alexandra
Zip File Size: Approx. 62 MB
Price: $19.99

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