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The Violet Wave

The Violet Wave

Are you happily married? Engaged? Engaged to be engaged? Or is it possible you are in a long and meaningful romantic relationship? For couples who are madly in love, I offer you this very special session to be enjoyed together while admiring each other’s eyes. Designed for men who love women (and women who love men), this erotic hypnosis recording is the perfect thing to do on your next ‘date night.’

Some things are better than sex. For instance, letting go. No ground. Only the safety of each other. It’s like letting go of the trapeze bar, knowing your partner will catch you. When you trust, you will feel the THRILL of sensual anticipation!

Gentlemen: This may very well be the universe’s way of offering you the opportunity to introduce your wives to erotic hypnosis. You know better than anyone that most women love to feel trust, love, intimacy, and surrender with their partners on an emotional level. And it’s likely that you love that ‘intoxicating’ feeling of being helpless to her seduction, playfulness, or just ‘being her perfect self.’ Perhaps instead of going to a dinner and a movie, you can lock yourselves in a romantic space and play this sensual program (approx. an hour). This may very well inspire your lover to rip off her clothes after listening to this!

Ladies: Your partner is dedicated to fulfill your every desire. You are his universe, his confidant, and ally. This erotic program introduces the “perfection fetish” – a concept which implies both you and he are flawless and without the slightest hint of imperfection. What could be more sexy than being completely comfortable with the one person you trust more than anyone else? Experience what it’s like to fall deeply into his eyes while he surrenders totally and completely to you. How many times can you fall in love with the same person on the same day? This may very well turn out to be a spiritual experience for you.

To respect the boundaries set by most couples, my role is a passive one. To protect the sacredness and sanctity of your relationship, ‘safe points’ are discussed in the first 4-5 minutes with instructions on how to focus completely on one another which decreases the chance of transference (where feelings can be projected towards the speaker).

Fetishes include:
Erotic hypnosis, romantic relationship, committment, infinity fetish, perfection fetish, love and affection fetish, cosmic spiritual energy, sensual sexuality, intimate casting, surrender without ground, synergetic fusion, eyes-to-eyes (the ‘love’ stare), stream of consciousness, soul integration, wave rippling colors, skin sensories and suggestions of arousal, deep understandings, vulnerability, intimate/erotic triggers, couples, and the end takes you to where you can easily continue ‘private time.’

Format: MP3 Download
Sound Quality: Professional First-Rate
Vocal Sound Effects: No
Prop Sound Effects: No
Background Music: Yes – ‘Tibetan Waterfall’
Overdubbing Vocals: No
Length: 53 minutes 8 seconds
Zip File Size: 97.29 MB
Sale Price: $37.00

$37.00 Buy Now!

The photo used for Violet Wave was used with permission from Scott Church. The ever popular Scott Church is a visionary photographer specializing in classy erotic nude portraits of every day people. Visit his site at http://scottchurch.net – Fan mail, questions, comments: scottchurch@scottchurch.net – See daily new photos in his blog!

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