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Deep Trance Hypnosis

Experience a DEEPER Trance

The main thing to remember is that hypnosis is mainly just following instructions. As long as you can follow instructions and obey every command, you can be hypnotized.

If you are told, "Close your eyes and relax them. Allow them to become so tight that you are unable to open them. And only try to open them when you are positive they will not. "

Think about those statements for a moment. You were given a command telling you to close your eyes. Simple. Close them. If you are told to allow them to become tight, then allow them to become tight. If you are told to only attempt to open them when you are sure they will not, well you were only instructed to obey commands. Right?

If you say or think, "I wasn't hypnotized because I opened my eyes," well all you're saying is that you chose to disobey simple instructions. If you want to be hypnotized, you simply have to follow instructions. It's that easy.

Do you want to be hypnotized?

Then all you have to do to experience a deep trance is follow instructions. I know you want to be hypnotized, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this. So do yourself a favor and teach yourself the art of hypnotic obedience. Obeying is easy. It really is. *Read this sentence.* See? I just gave a command and you obeyed it (you read "Read this sentence" and followed through by actually reading it). You didn't even have to think about it. You just did it. You read it because you wanted to read it. The same thing applies with hypnosis. When you learn the art of obeying commands instantly without questioning the instructions, you'll experience a deeper, fulfilling trance.

Contrary to what some people may believe, a hypnotist doesn't DO anything to you. A hypnotist can't magically open up your brain and make your arm move. Hypnosis doesn't work that way. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Ask any certified, qualified hypnotist and they'll give you the same answer. That basically means that you're hypnotizing yourself and you're simply using My voice as a guide to experience the trance more fully.

If you are told, "Relax your arms and notice how extremely light they become as they rest on your lap. And as they become lighter, you may find they begin to float in the air all by themselves. Higher and higher..."

Think about that for a second. You've been given a simple command to relax your arms. Right? So allow them to relax. It's as simple as obeying a Dominatrix who is giving you an instruction. If you are told to notice how light they are becoming, then tell your mind to follow My instruction and imagine your arms extremely feather-like. Once you realize how EASY it is to become hypnotized, then it will become more effortless. But being a great subject takes a lot of practice. Are you willing to practice at being a great subject to experience the deepest trances?

Your time is valuable. If you follow instructions the FIRST time, you'll notice how easy it becomes to be hypnotized the second and third time. The only time hypnosis becomes less effective is when a client disobeys a command. If you really want to be hypnotized, simply obey. It's really that simple. If you are told to imagine something, imagine it. If you are told to do something, do it. If you are told to say something, say it. If I tell you to think something, think it. Otherwise, you're resisting the hypnosis and that defeats the purpose of why you are here. You do want to be hypnotized don't you? Then tell yourself, "This is working" and let it work. If you have difficulty letting go of your resistance, then simply pretend it works. For many people, the technique of "pretending the hypnosis works" allows them to go deeply into a trance. Perhaps that method may work for you.

Keep in mind that hypnosis takes practice. Many people listen to recordings for years before going into a deeeeep trance. Hypnosis takes practice. Some people can go into a deep trance the very first time. Others it can take longer to learn the art of going into a deep, hypnotic trance.

Some may say, "I have difficulty being hypnotized, I keep popping in and out of trance."

If this applies to you, then please listen carefully. Do you want to learn how to experience a deep and effective trance? Then start telling yourself you CAN go into trance, rather than the opposite. If you tell yourself you have a difficulty, you will have one. If you tell yourself you are popping in and out of trance, you will continue to do so. What you are doing is feeding your brain negative responses. When you tell your mind something negative, it basically says, "Ok, you will continue to have negative results because you are thinking negatively."

So stop telling yourself, "I am hard-to-be hypnotized." And stop giving excuses by telling yourself you have ADD or have difficulty focusing. That's only giving yourself an excuse for not obeying the instructions in a hypnosis session. If you truly want to be hypnotized, then tell yourself that you are EASY to be hypnotized. Tell yourself that you can focus EASILY on every command. That's all you have to do.

However, when you reverse your thinking process to accept only POSITIVE thoughts, such as, "I can easily become hypnotized. Achieving a deep trance is effortless for me," then your mind begins to believe it. Your brain starts to say, "You will have positive results because you have positive thinking." You ARE what you THINK. If you think something isn't working, it won't. If you think something IS working, then it will. That's also called the Law of Attraction.

Rather than asking yourself, "Am I in trance?" or "I'm not in trance right now," instead replace those phrases with, "So this is what trance feels like!" or "This trance feels so good." Doing so will be feeding your mind direct orders from your subconscious mind. And at least this way you'll be less likely to question the commands, because, in essence... you are the one giving them.

Some people say things like, "Every time I'm about to drift down into a trance, some random sound will wake me out of it!"

The answer is much simpler than you'd think. Instead of turning off the sounds or going out of your way for silence, the best thing to do is let those sounds take you into a trance. Train your mind to listen to outside noises and go into a trance. If you're deep in a trance and then all of a sudden a helicopter goes by, your previous thinking might have thought, "Crap, now it just woke me out of my trance." However, what you should do is reverse that negative thinking to a positive one. Instead think to yourself, "That helicopter is deepening my trance. Repetitive sounds are important in hypnosis." This works with ambulance and fire sirens, barking dogs, and practically anything else.

When Milton Erickson hypnotized his clients, sometimes strange noises would go off unexpectedly. Perhaps he would be speaking to the client and then something would go off (in today's world, let's assume it's a car alarm). He would immediately incorporate those sounds to deepen the person's trance by saying things like, "And perhaps now you hear a ringing in your ears, which tells you that you are, in fact, much deeper in a trance than most people." If a garbage truck would come by outside his office, he would incorporate it into the hypnosis by saying, "Imagine for a moment that you want to get rid of that baggage you've been hanging on to. Perhaps you even visualize a garbage truck. Maybe you can hear it, hear it backing up. Go ahead and release it onto the truck now." And the person would be so deep in a trance that when they would awaken later, they would say, "Wow! I was so deep that I thought I really heard a garbage truck!"

The key is to let those sounds be important, deciding factors in DEEPENING your trance, not AWAKENING your trance. Many people have the common misconceptions that if they hear unexpected, random sounds... that they will be inadvertently disturbed from experiencing an effective hypnosis trance. That couldn't be further from the truth. If you hear an ice cream truck outside, train your mind to believe that whenever you hear that sound, you will go even further into a trance. If you hear human voices, imagine they are hypnotic voices that are purposely being placed there for the sake of deepening your experience. If there is an emergency, your subconscious mind will be able to filter out what is important to awaken you when the need arises. Everything else can be trained to incorporate into trance using the mind. Again, hypnosis takes practice. Practice practice practice. I can't emphasize that enough.

Trying to block sounds = bad. Listening to sounds = good. ALLOW the sounds take you deeper. Sometimes in My own hypnosis sessions, I will say, "Any outside noises you may hear will only take you deeper into a trance. Any interruptions will only take you further into hypnosis than before." However, not all hypnotists say it and they technically shouldn't even HAVE to say it because most assume you already know the magic secret.

Sometimes people say things like, "I didn't feel amnesia afterwards, so the hypnosis didn't work."

When I hear comments like that, I always simply say, "Hypnosis takes practice." Not everyone can get deep enough to experience amnesia the first few times. It is an art form to go deep. If you want to go deeper, then tell your mind you are going deeper.

Sometimes in a recording, I might say "Remember to forget this suggestion."

That was simply an order from a hypnodomme. If you choose to remember what I said, then you are defeating the purpose of the hypnosis. And you DO want to be hypnotized don't you? Then tell yourself to remember to FORGET the suggestion. If you tell yourself to remember to remember, then you're telling your mind the opposite of what I commanded you. That's basically saying to yourself, "I don't really want to be hypnotized, so I'll just ignore the command and put My own command there."

Some people say "Tell me something I'll only remember if I'm deep in hypnosis. Like a subliminal message I won't hear unless I'm really hypnotized."

If you are still thinking this yourself, then re-read the above paragraph and keep reading it over and over until you grasp the concept. When you begin to understand it, you'll understand that only you can be responsible for remembering or not remembering messages. And first of all, even if I said a subliminal message, how would you have known I'd have said it, whether you were hypnotized or not? How do you know I haven't put subliminal messages on this page? Not all subliminal messages are spoken. Something is subliminal if it is implied. It means I don't have to say it outright.

For instance. If I said, "You're going into trance now and hypnosis overwhelms you deeper and deeper into my voice." Now in that sentence there are subliminal unspoken things. Can you see them? Do you spot them? You don't have to be hypnotized to understand it, remember it, or hear it. First of all, the direct command was that the listener is directed to go into trance. That's easy. The second part now implies that since hypnosis is overwhelming the person, that perhaps the person has somehow either gotten smaller or hypnosis has gotten bigger (none of which are possible). It also implies that since hypnosis is overwhelming, the listener begins to feel less-overwhelming, which subliminally implies being covered. Being covered implies protection. And I added "deeper and deeper" which means subliminally the person is falling.

However, I never directly SAID you were falling. Another subliminal message is the presupposition "my voice" which assumes that my voice even exists. Now technically, you're reading a piece of paper and you didn't actually hear anything. My voice technically doesn't exist here because you can't hear me. You can only read me. So I've subliminally suggested that maybe you can hear my voice. Also subliminally, I suggested that because you're entering trance, you'll "fall into my voice." Technically, that's impossible. I cannot pick your body up and put you in my throat and swallow you in my esophagus and let you get tangled in my vocal chords and then put you in my stomach (ok you perverted boys, I'm not talking about blowjobs). You get what I'm saying though, don't you? I'm suggesting you'll fall into my voice (message being: my vocal chords are so big and you are so small). Not only will you fall into my voice, but you'll go deeper because you're finally in my voice.

So if I had NOT spoken subliminally with unspoken implications, I could have easily said, "You're going into trance now. You're so small and hypnosis is so big. It's so big that my voice is all you hear. My voice has the ability to protect and cover you. Pretend my voice is a cave (or a hole or whatever I choose). Now enter my voice and as you enter, go deeper and deeper into hypnosis." Both mean practically the same thing. However, the first one has subliminal unspoken messages.

That is why it's crazy to think, "Tell me something subliminal I'll only hear when I'm hypnotized." Because if I told you something "quietly" you would think it was subliminal, when in fact it is not. Then you might complain later that you heard it and therefore, weren't hypnotized. When in fact, you could have been so deeply hypnotized that you were misled to think it was a subliminal message, when really all my subliminal stuff was mentioned right in front of your nose. Perhaps it's the quiet whispers I actually want you to remember, because it's all the unspoken stuff that's really sinking in to you. It's the words I don't say that will have an impact later. It's the presuppositions and double binds that are really the ones taking effect.

Can you explain a double bind?

Yes. Here is an example of a double bind (cause and effect): "The more aroused you get, the weaker your legs will become. The weaker your legs become, the more I control you. The more I control you, the more aroused you become."

Notice the words I chose and how I used them. Notice the order in which I used them. Read it again and again. It really traps you doesn't it? When you get aroused, this happens. When this happens, that happens. And when that happens, you get aroused. So no matter what happens, you'll get aroused. No matter what happens, you'll get weaker. And no matter what happens, I'll control you. And since I used the word "more" it implies it will get stronger each time.

Here is an example of a double bind (assumption): "You can listen to only my voice OR you can simply ignore everything else around you."

Notice that either way, the person will have to listen only to me.

Can you explain a presupposition?

It's a long word but the meaning is very easy. It basically means I've said something that implies existence. For example, "The more you stare up at my red toenails, the more submissive you become." Now I presupposed several things. First, I made you assume you had to "stare up" at my toenails, which is implies you are underneath me. Secondly, I presupposed that I have bare feet. But how would you know?. I'm all the way across the country. How do you know I'm not wearing tennis shoes? Thirdly, I've presupposed that I have red painted toenails. How would you know it if I hadn't said it? I could have pink toenail polish. All I did was put a thought in your mind that was said in a way that implied it actually existed. Fourthly, I presupposed you were already submissive because I said "more submissive" as though you could somehow increase your current state. When I tell you to "look at" them something that technically doesn't exist (all that really exists is your own imagination), your reality has changed. Once my feet are part of your reality, then your subconscious mind automatically has the ability of looking at my glorious toenails.

Without a presupposition, I could have said, "Pretend I have my feet over your face. I have bare feet. My toenails are painted red. The more you imagine staring at my red toenails, the more you'll realize that perhaps you're submissive. And the more you realize your submissive nature, the more submissive you will become."

Being hypnotized takes practice.

Practice is a good thing, so embrace it because it's worth your time! Think about how long it took you to practice tying your shoelaces. At first, it took all of your conscious effort. How to tie the laces, how and where to loop it, how tight to make it, and where to hold your finger. When you messed up tying your shoes, you simply untied them and tried again. It may have seemed frustrating at first, but look at the results now! You do it subconsciously without even thinking about it. You could do it with your eyes closed if you wanted to. It was WORTH the TIME to learn it, wasn't it? Imagine spending the rest of your life with your shoelaces untied because you never wanted to put in the work. Once you learn it, it's with you FOREVER. Same with riding a bike or playing chess. With hypnosis, it works the same way. Once you put in the time to PRACTICE over and over until it becomes effortless, it will transfer from being a conscious effort to being an unconscious effort.

There are four stages of "practicing" until you know you have reached the correct stage. Most of you are ALREADY PAST the first stage already.

Stage 1: Unconscious Incompetence - this is basically the state where you are ignorant and lack knowledge and skills and don't even realize it yet. For instance, in learning how to tie your shoes, this would be the part where you didn't even realize that shoes have laces.

Stage 2: Conscious Incompetence - this is where you realize you are not an expert and you suddenly realize perhaps you should be doing something differently (and you look for outside help for assistance in learning). For instance, in learning how to tie your shoes, this would be the part where you realize that wearing velcro is outdated and you get your parents to tie your shoes for you.

Stage 3: Conscious Competence - this is where you actively start making a conscious, knowing effort to experience formal learning. For instance, in learning how to tie your shoes, this would be the part where you say, "Everyone be quiet so I can concentrate! I'm learning how to tie my shoes and I need to focus carefully on this so I can do it right."

Stage 4: Unconscious Competence - this is where you don't even have to think about it anymore and you have successfully learned to complete the task effortlessly. For instance, in learning how to tie your shoes, this would be the part where you can tie your shoes and be able to carry a conversation with someone and not even have to look down to concentrate.

However, it's a very easy thing to learn. Some people over-analyze everything by listening to every phrase and trying to decide whether or not they should follow it. Or perhaps they listen so extremely carefully that they find fault in phrases and are purposely searching for a way to possibly resist. If that's that applies to you, then you're telling yourself subconsciously that you don't want to be hypnotized. The question I pose to you is this... "Why listen to a hypnosis recording if you intend on resisting and fighting it?" All that energy spent on resisting and analyzing recording will be much better spent on obedient-energy, rather than resistant-energy. It takes skill to learn using all your energy to apply obedience, rather than resistance. If all else fails, tell your mind, "I will obey every command because I trust the hypnotist." This will relieve the resistance a great deal because you are teaching yourself OBEDIENCE.

Please don't confuse this with telling yourself, "I will not resist," because that's making it worse. When you even SAY or THINK the word "resist" - then basically you are telling yourself to resist. The word itself has a strong impact. Even when you tell yourself NOT TO, you are still subconsciously going to do it. For instance, if I were to say to you, "Don't think of a blue elephant," -- well... your mind just did the opposite and you thought of a blue elephant. And yet, I commanded you not to do it. That's the same law that applies to what you tell YOURSELF. So instead of telling yourself that you won't resist, use positive words such as, "I will obey," or "I'm hypnotized already," or "Being hypnotized is easy and effortless." That way your mind is equating the words "obey" and "hypnotized" and "easy" and "effortless" rather than focusing on the word "resistance."

If you critically analyze instructions before following them, you're basically throwing your money away. My best advice under those circumstances is to STOP THINKING so much and just relax. Seriously. Relaxing is so easy to do! One of the main reasons people want to be hypnotized is because it is so effortless and makes them FEEL GOOD. Hypnosis can allow people to unwind from their days at work or relieve stress. And well, erotic hypnosis can bring you one hell of an orgasm! So simply relax and stop thinking so hard. If you're thinking too hard, keep practicing until it becomes effortless.

Sometimes people say things such as, "I felt very hypnotized and was going down extremely deep. But when you gave me suggestions, they didn't work on me."

Sigh. You can take a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. What that basically means is this: I can help guide your mind to experience a fulfilling, effective trance. I'm very successful at it. However, when you're in a deep trance, I can't force you to accept a suggestion. That's like forcing a horse to drink.

Some people may choose to think, "But you're a hypnotist! All your suggestions should work on me."

That makes me laugh out loud. Think about that comment for a second. If hypnotists had the ability to force unwanted suggestions upon people, don't you think we'd have a different president? If hypnotists like me could force suggestions and make it happen against people's wills, we would own every world bank, be able to veto any bill, and be able to stop world violence at the snap of a finger. We could hypnotize casino owners to give us endless supplies of cash. If hypnotists could magically make someone do something they didn't want to do, don't you think Bill Gates would have given Me all his money by now? Hypnosis only works if you want it to.

Only YOU can decide if you want a suggestion to work. When you make yourself follow a command/suggestion, you're allowing the hypnosis to work effectively. But a hypnotist cannot force you to do something you don't want to do. Hypnotists can't force you to close your eyes, nor can they force you to obey commands. It's all up to you. However, when you DO follow all the instructions, you'll see how wonderful the results can be!

Sometimes people say things like, "But I watched a hypnosis show and saw a straight man say that he liked men and I know for a fact he didn't want to do that."

Haha. Don't kid yourself. Regardless of what he may say afterwards, he definitely wanted to say it. It doesn't necessarily mean he's gay, it just meant he was willing to say it. Besides, comparing stage hypnosis to erotic hypnosis mp3 recordings is drastically different. Read here for details.

In the recording, "Crooked Hypnotist", I commanded people to do really bad things (stealing, leaving their wives, etc.) and I sold thousands of copies. However not a single person has obeyed all of the commands. I know this because I haven't received a single item that this required people to send Me. Why? Because they chose not to. And truth is, I'm relieved that people chose to disregard those suggestions as it was intended to be taboo entertainment rather than realistic commands.

However, in the recording, "The Tease," I gave commands that were relatively easy to follow that would give immediate pleasure to those who listened to it. People who listened to it followed the instructions within it. Why? Because they chose to and they knew it would bring them great pleasure. And I'm grateful for that!

Whether or not you choose to accept or reject a suggestion is up to you. All of My recordings have detailed descriptions telling you what the suggestions and/or theme will be and so you know before hand what to expect. If you want a deep trance, then find a recording you want to listen to, then obey the instructions within it. It's that simple!

Sometimes a person may think or say, "I wasn't hypnotized," or "I've never been hypnotized and I've listened to all your hypnosis sessions."

First of all, how do you know you weren't hypnotized? Secondly, if you've already listened to all my hypnosis sessions, then you've been hypnotized and just don't know it. Hypnosis could hit you on top of the head and you wouldn't know it. You could have been so deep in hypnosis that you didn't even realize it. That's like people inside a big storm waiting for a tornado. Sometimes the storm is so big, they go around looking for it but they're actually in the eye of it. Right smack in the middle of it. Maybe what you're looking for is already happening. After all, hypnosis is only following instructions, right? That is, in fact, all hypnosis is. So if you follow instructions, then technically you're hypnotized. If you don't follow instructions, whose fault is that? If you have to, re-read the above paragraphs. Again, hypnotists cannot force you do follow instructions or do something against your will.

Or maybe you're expecting something completely unrealistic. Ask yourself this: "What would have to happen so that I realize I'm actually hypnotized?"

Would you have to feel amnesia? If that's the case, I'm sure in the past, you've "forgotten" where you've left your keys around the house. Have you ever forgotten where you parked your car? Or saw someone and you knew their face but couldn't remember their name? Sure, sometimes amnesia can happen in deep trance hypnosis, however amnesia does not equal hypnosis.

Would you have to feel a part of your body become numb? If that's the case, then think of a time in the past where you watched tv late at night. Have you ever watched tv while feeling insomnia and your legs felt numb? Or maybe you held the remote control in your hands and they just seemed to stay there. That's arm catalepsy. Or have you ever listened to a teacher or a presenter and just cocked your head to the side and stayed in that position with your mouth wide open? That's mouth and head catalepsy. Sure, sometimes catalepsy can happen in deep trance hypnosis, however catalepsy does not equal hypnosis.

Would you have to be able to ignore every outside sound? If that's the case, then think about every time you watch a movie. Have you ever watched a movie and were so engrossed in a movie that everything around you disappeared? Or have you ever been browsing online and got so focused on something, like right now, that all sounds seem to have disappeared? Now notice the sound of the computer modem and internal hardware of your computer. If you can, listen to the sound. See, you're focused on it. But before you weren't. The unconscious mind has so many bits and pieces to process that the conscious mind can't possibly focus on everything during every single second. You ignore outside sounds every single day. Sounds of crickets. Sounds of birds. They could be outside your house right now. Or sounds of feet shuffling on the carpet. Sounds you'd typically ignore. So ignoring sounds does NOT equal hypnosis. That's such a common myth of hypnosis.

People often say, "If I were hypnotized, I'd be able to shut off everything. But I just can't."

Ok go back and read everything. And I do mean everything.

* Follow all instructions. That's 95% of hypnosis right there.
* Always think positive thoughts. Tell yourself the hypnosis is working.
* Hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Only YOU can make yourself do something.
* Remember that hypnosis takes practice. Not everyone can be deeply hypnotized the first time.
* If all else fails, pretend it's working. Eventually your mind will have an easier time removing the "critical faculty" barrier between your conscious and subconscious mind, thus allowing you to combine playing pretend into reality.

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